Comedy Night Fundraiser Saturday February 25th

Who doesn’t like a good ole fashioned Human Fund? The Son’s of Burlington sure do.

Saturday February 25th at 8pm, the funniest event on the planet will be in production.

Just check out this delicious and filling line up:

Benny ‘Chew you up and spit you Out’ Howlett
Sir William ‘All Night’ Wright
Mark ‘Keeping you Wet’ McNally
Matthew ‘The Mimic’ Hawkins
Shawn ‘Stalker Worthy’ Roy
Wood, James Wood
and 1 Female

Hosted by JFA

Tickets are at $25 for a night that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

-Unlimited hors d’oeuvres to calm the nerves
-Several little games to add to the excitement of the evening
-Freshly squeezed jokes
-Pure laughs
-100% organic pheromones

Save the date, focus, recharge and energize yourself.