Coaching is the key to our rugby programs

Our coaches help players develop their skills in all areas

Coaches develop a players skill and understanding

As our girls program grows many more coaches are needed

Coaches with technical skills needed for:


Rucks & Mauls


Backline skills


Coaching at Crusaders

Join our coaching team and contribute to rugby development

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a lot of time. Can I still coach?Even a small contribution is valuable, especially if you have a specialty - kicking, loose forward, etc.
We go to the cottage in the summer. Is coaching possible?The more coaching resources we have the better for the overall program. We can schedule around your availability.
I can't take on the extra time commitment. The programs are well developed and do not require a great deal of preparation time.
I don't know much about rugby. Can I help.There is a place for all. Help with organizing and "paperwork" takes a load off the coaches and is most welcome.