Crusaders U15/16 Boys teams manage three wins on the hottest weekend of the season so-far

Crusaders-SWORDS took on Mississauga-Blues on a lush, green and soft field (a nice change!!!), at Mississauga-Valleys on Friday evening.  The heat and humidity of the day thankfully started to subside – and allowed the Crusaders players to show their stuff.  Excellent tackling and ruck play gave the Crusaders team the lions-share of possession, but resolute defence from the Blues thwarted many of the Swords’ attacks.  Crusaders exploited a few gaps in the defensive-line, and with good off-loads, were able to clock-up a few scores – not one-way traffic by any means, as Blues hit back with several scores of their-own. Result at the final whistle was 59 to 17 in favour of the SWORDS – great-job boys

The ARROWS faced a stern challenge under the flood-lights, from the well-drilled and fast-handling Mississauga-Blues Premiership team – who elegantly spun the ball wide to exploit the Crusaders’ narrow line of defenders, and took advantage of space out-wide.  Two scores down – ARROWS then decided it was time to play: The Crusaders boys took control in the forwards – rucking, counter-rucking and rolling-mauls were applied with aplomb,  to rumble the attacks ever-forward – they threatened the Blues-line on multiple occasions – only to be repelled by stern-defensive-tackling and a few (unfortunate) ball-into-contact errors.  Eventually, the tenacious play was rewarded – Crusaders able to cross and score on two occasions – to get back in-touch.  The ARROWS team relied on the classy-boot of Carter-Horan to add the extra-points for each score – to take a narrow (2 point) lead.  In a tense and action-packed final quarter, ARROWS were able to hang on to that lead for the final 15-minutes of the game – good defensive pressure from CRU, stalling the Mississauga team’s enterprising back-play, thus the narrow victory was claimed by the ARROWS, 14-points to 12.  The return fixture is this Thursday evening at 7.00pm – so should be a great game!!

PIKES took-on Ajax in the heat of the day on Saturday afternoon.  Another great battle with the sizeable Wanderers team – Some great play on both teams meant for some high-speed running rugby, in-spite of the heat.  The lead changing hands several times, and – with only five minutes to go, looked set for a 26-26 tie.  But the PIKES showed some great break-out skills and were able to run-in two scores late-on, to seal the victory 40-26. – Bravo


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