Touring team from Sefton Rugby-Club in Liverpool, arrived on Thursday (June-27), to take on the U17-boys Crusaders “Selects” – The host squad, made up of the in-form players from the Swords and Arrows teams, was up to the challenge.

Right from the get-go, the visitors showed their mettle, with some hard-running and crunching-tackles. The Crusaders knew this was going to be a tough physical battle.  The hosts drew first-blood with a couple of excellent scores.  After absorbing the pressure from the visitors, the Cru team were able to secure some fast-turnover-ball, and with good observation, the ball carriers were able to spot any gaps or mismatches in the Sefton line, and with quick-passing, and great support-running, were able clock up some well-worked breakaway tries.  The 9-10-12 channel was highly effective for Crusaders – Jason Ince in particular, putting in a stellar-performance.

As the game progressed, the heat and humidity was a factor, and the English-boys started to struggle a little. But in spite of the Cru team having amassed a significant lead, the visitors came back with some hard-earned tries, multiple phase-play able to finally break-through the Crusaders defensive-line when it mattered most .

Final score was not important (Although the “selects” had won, of course!)  – as the boys then thoroughly enjoyed a great post-game BBQ together – many thanks to all those who contributed.  Liam Bowman was selected as man-of the match by the opposition,  for some great-running, fine-distribution and hard-tackling.

A really fun evening for all.