Please come out to help with the Fall closing of the fields – this Sunday

On Sunday 19th November from 10 am, I am looking for volunteers to help close the fields, bring in the pads and flags and general tidy up. Great for all those students who need volunteer hours, I will sign the forms if you bring them!!! Also great for any parents and players to get out one more time hopefully before the snow and enjoy the property and the club. The more we have helping the more we can get done.

The fields are closing also and will be open again in May. They have been in great condition through the season with a long wet spring and with some good snow coverage should be in great shape in the spring. Thanks to the dedication of my small team of “Field Fairies” that helped cut the grass and line the fields in increasingly smaller windows as we put more demands on the grounds. Always looking for more volunteers through the season.

Also a huge, huge thank you to Oakville Parks and Open spaces. These guys stepped up big time for the club. I asked if they could lend us a spreader to spread some fertilizer that we would provide. The Town and their crew showed up and aerated, fertilized, seeded and top dressed all the playing surfaces at no cost to the club. This will be a big help as we winterize the fields and promises to give us a boost in the spring. The Town will also come by in the next two weeks and take down the sports netting alongside the property. When you see someone from the Parks and Open spaces out working in town, give them a beep and a thumbs up.

Another big thank you to Halton Region. They had allocated trees to be planted along the side of the new road development. When they came to do it, they had limited space because of fence. They asked if they could plant on the inside of the fence and I agreed but they still had left over trees. Consequently they came in and planted 25 new trees as a boulevard along our main driveway and in the coming years they will add more and more to property.

Look forward to seeing lots of volunteers on the 19th



David Haslam – Facilities Director