Get Inspired: How to get into Rugby Union at Crusaders

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Rugby union will teach you sportsmanship and teamwork like no other game. You’ll test yourself physically and create special bonds with your team mates. It’s a fantastic sport for developing all-round fitness as well as skills for life, especially teamwork.

The great thing is you don’t have to play the full contact version. There are clubs all over the GTA that now offer Touch Rugby: you can have all the fun of running, passing and scoring without having to worry about tackling.

Rugby World Cup 2015 has generated a wave of excitement around the sport and many more opportunities have been made available to everyone.



This is the most famous and popular version of the game. The aim is to score tries by passing the ball backwards using the hands. Teams are made up of eight forwards, who compete in the scrums and the lineouts, and seven backs who do most of the running and kicking.

The skills and attributes you will benefit from depend on your position. Forwards are typically stronger, heavier and entrusted with the more physical aspects of the game. Backs need pace and agility.



This used to be viewed as a fun, smaller version of the 15-a-side game, but in recent years it has grown massively and now has its own dedicated following across the world.

Sevens is a much faster and more open version of rugby as it’s played on the same size pitch as 15-a-side but with less than half the number of players! There are only three forwards and four backs: speed and stamina are the essential ingredients.

It will be in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for the first time, with both men’s and women’s competitions.

Women’s rugby

The growing popularity of women’s rugby in Ontario can be seen through the success of the Canadian team at the Women’s Rugby Super Series.

It is incredibly popular at universities, and women’s rugby clubs around the country are always looking for enthusiastic players and the next new pool of talent.

Flag rugby


This is the non-contact version of the game. Instead of tackling, players have to grab Flags attached to the ball carrier’s waist and shout “tag!”

The pressure is then on for the ball carrier – they then have three seconds to pass the ball or lose it. This is the version of the game played in the Under-8 and Under-10 age groups and is a fantastic way to introduce children to the game.

Touch rugby


Played in much the same way as the Flag version, this is another non-contact game that removes elements like the scrum, the ruck and maul. Tackles are replaced by touches.

This is a great activity for people looking to keep fit while playing a game that is energetic and fun. It can also be played in mixed teams. Whether you want to turn up and play with your mates or play in a league every week we can accommodate you.

Volunteering and Coaching


Rugby union is about more than players. The game cannot thrive without the army of coaches, referees and volunteers who give up their time week-in, week-out.

Whether you have played in the past or just have a keen interest in developing talent, coaching opportunities are available in your area. Find out about becoming a coach or a volunteer at Crusaders.

For more information browse the website or email any of the club contacts.