U 15-16 Boys

The Junior program combines the ‘fun of the game’, a competitive approach, and above all SPORTSMANSHIP.

The Junior division includes both boys at the U14, U16 and U18 age grades and Girls at the U16 and U18 levels.

The Head Coaches for the Junior age grades are:

Age GradeHead CoachEmail
U13 BoysJason BoggsU13 Boys email
U13 GirlsJulia MoynihanU13 Girls email
U15 BoysMark Jutronich U15 Boys email
U15 GirlsPeter BlackU15 Girls email
U17 BoysGraham BridgesU17 Boys email
U17 GirlsPeter BlackU17 Girls email
U19 BoysJohn EassonU19 Boys email
U19 GirlsPeter BlackU19 Girls email

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Message from your Coaches

Welcome to our family that is the Crusaders Rugby Club

Thank you for registering as a player.  As a member, the Crusaders club is here for you and your family to enjoy. Whether it be as a player, as a spectator, or a volunteer, it is your club and your facility to take pleasure in.

If you’ve previously been involved in this game at all, then you’ll know that this is easily the best sport there is.  Yes, it’s a physical contact sport, but it is the quintessential team-game with an important role for everyone, of all builds and sizes.

To the novice, the game may seem brutal, but learning the proper skills and techniques is key to making the game safe and fun for all.  That’s what we hope to achieve as the coaches – to develop the players and the game through participation and learning in a safe and fun environment.  Yes we want to win, but that is not our main goal – much more important is the feeling of achievement, improvement and knowing that you and your team have all played well and tried their hardest.

Right from the youngest members of our club, the junior program has goals and objectives.

At the Under-8’s the goals are

  • Run Forwards,
  • Pass Backwards,
  • Stay inbounds,
  • Have fun

At the Under 15/16’s we build on the goals from all the preceding age groups, plus have our own prime-objectives:

  • Increase Player Knowledge and Ability – through skills advancement and set & open-play techniques
  • Improve Game Flow – through play-cycle continuity via teamwork and communications
  • Generate Strategy and Awareness – through game vision and ‘on-the-fly’ decision-making
  • Positive Attitude – by working hard to have fun

In addition to the structured training / practice sessions, the U15 / U16 section, depending upon total numbers, will operate Two or Three squads this season.  (Swords / Arrows / Pikes) all competing in the Toronto U15/U16 Leagues:

Plus we have a series of incoming touring teams that we will pick a “select” Crusaders team (of the in-form players from each of the squads), to play as a “representative” team

As a player we expect you to commit to the training and the games – with the goal of working hard to improve yourself as a rugby player and have fun.  As a parent we hope that you’ll enjoy the experience that being part of our club can bring, take pride in observing your son progress as a player of the best game in the world, and take advantage of the facilities that we have available.

We are also on the hunt for volunteers. As coaches we hope to guide the activities on the field.  But we want to arrange activities off the field too – and that’s where you can help.  Whether it is helping to administrate the registrations, organizing some fund raising, or preparing food for after-match snacks.  If you can afford some time, your help will be greatly appreciated – please let us know what you can do.

Rugby has impacted our lives enormously – The camaraderie and family that is this game, will be with you forever.  No other sport has such a global family – Meet another rugby player anywhere in the world, and you’ll instantly have a new friend.

Welcome to our family, and we look forward to a great season ahead of us.


Graham, Keith, Bill, Ian, Kerry, Richard – TheU15/16’s coaches for 2017

The 2017 Season – Under 16 (and U15) Boys

Background Info:

Crusaders Rugby Club is situated approximately 20 km. west of Toronto and serves the communities of Oakville and Mississauga.  The Club, founded in 1968, has gone from strength to strength, with its own clubhouse and grounds situated on 9th line, just south of Dundas.  The club now boasts teams at all levels.  The Junior Section having a co-ed Mini’s section (U8’s, U10’s and U12’s), boy’s U14’s, U15s U16’s and U18’s teams, competing in the Ontario/Toronto Rugby Union (ORU/TRU) Junior Development Sections.  Plus we have girl’s teams at the U16’s and U18’s levels.  The senior section comprises of Two Ladies teams competing in the Ontario League, and four senior men’s teams, with the first team in the Marshall (Ontario Premier) Division.  

Under 16’s (and U15):

The Under 15/16’s play in the Toronto Rugby Union U15 and U16 divisions. Games are full contact, played for 60 minutes, mostly scheduled for Saturday Mornings.  To be eligible for the U15/16’s, date of birth must be in 2001 or 2002.  In addition to the League games, Crusaders also play games against several touring teams, as well as a number of play-off tournaments.

In 2017 the U16/U15 section is likely to have approx. 80 players.  If-so, we are likely to be running three squads, (Swords / Arrows / Pikes) with each team competing in the U15 and U16 Toronto leagues.  The Arrows team will likely play in the “Premiership” (competitive) Divisions. The Pikes and Swords will likely play in the “Championship” (development) division

Plus we have a series of incoming touring teams that we will pick a “select” Crusaders team (of the in-form players from each of the squads), to play as a “select” team

This will ensure as much game time as possible for all our players.

Training and practice sessions start in early May, and the league playing season is from Mid June through to end of August, and is intended to follow-on after the high-school playing season.  This avoids any conflict between the school and the club games, and thus extends the playing season as long as possible.

There is also likely to be a “Fall seven-a-side tournament “during September / October and we will enter 1 or more teams depending upon available numbers


Exit QEW at Ford Drive.  Head North on Ford Drive (which becomes Ninth line). Approx. 1km north of Upper Middle Drive, the rugby club entrance is on west side of Ninth Line


Club House  Tel: 905 338 7533       Web Site: www.crusadersrugby.club

PresidentPat Danielspresident@oakvillecrusaders.com
Director of RugbyChris Clarkrugbydirector@oakvillecrusaders.com
Director, Junior DevelopmentKevin Brendersjuniors@oakvillecrusaders.com

U16’s Coaches:

Graham Bridges: Tel:905 816 1859 | (c) 905 606 0603

e-mail:  graham.bridges@rogers.com

Training Schedule:

Training takes place at the club, and will concentrate on developing rugby skills and playing ability. We strongly encourage all players to come to as many early season training sessions as possible to improve their rugby playing abilities, as well as develop positional skills and build teamwork.  The club training will only add to the skill, fitness and ability of the players already involved in high school programs.  –   Outdoor training starts Monday May 1 (depending upon field conditions)

Training Times:

Mondays:-    6.30 to  8.15pm

Wednesdays:-   6.30 to 8.15pm

We may also train Sunday mornings (10 to noon) – up until Mid June

Playing Schedule:    

League Games:-           Games are typically 10.30 am kick-off on Saturday mornings, though some week-day evening games (6.30 pm) are also arranged.

The league games are played in the Toronto Central and Western U15 and U16 divisions. –   

Expected Playing Schedule (Note this is still in review with the Toronto League convener)

Once finalized – There will be a separate schedule for each of the three league teams (Swords / Arrows / Pikes)

Playing Schedule: