U14 Boys

Welcome to our family that is the Crusaders Rugby Club

Thank you for registering as a player.  As a member, the Crusaders club is here for you and your family to enjoy. Whether it be as a player, as a spectator, or a volunteer, it is your club and your facility to take pleasure in.  The Crusaders Rugby Club is aptly named a “club” because it is more than a place just to practice and play the sport of rugby.  It is a place where you will make lasting friendships, surround yourself with like-minded fans of the sport and participate in any number of social activities during the summer months.

If you’ve previously been involved in this game at all, then you’ll know that this is easily the best sport there is.  Yes, it’s a physical contact sport, but it is the quintessential team-game with an important role for everyone, of all builds and sizes.  The key is in learning the proper skills and techniques to make the game safe and fun for all.  That’s what we hope to achieve as the coaches – to develop the players and the game through participation and learning in a safe and fun environment.  Yes, we want to win, but that is not our main goal – much more important is the feeling of achievement, improvement and knowing that you and your team have all played well and tried their hardest.

U14 Objectives for 2016

At the Under 14 level we introduce the full 15’s game of rugby which is a giant leap forward from the Minis rugby game the players have participated in at the younger age categories.

We will continue to make having fun our prime objective as we do our best to pass along the joy of playing the sport.  We will also allocate some practice time to fitness training in a team environment which is every bit as important as skill development from a competitiveness perspective.  However, a majority of practice time will be devoted to learning and improving rugby skills through drills and managed scrimmages.  Our objectives for the U14 age group in 2016 will be to:

  • Introduce Proper Techniques for Contact – teaching the safe way to enter into contact both in open and set play
  • Increase Player Ability – core skills of ball handling, running, evading, and tackling will be progressed
  • Introduce 15’s Game Skills – proper technique for scrumming, lineouts, rucking, mauling, and kicking will all be introduced at the U14 age level
  • Generate Strategy and Awareness – implement game strategies via scrimmages which allow players to develop game vision and ‘on-the-fly’ decision-making
  • Create a Positive Attitude – by working hard to have fun

Player safety is a top priority. Players will be trained and will practice safe rugby techniques. Emphasis is given to ensure all understand how to keep themselves and other safe when training, practicing and in games. All our CRU coaches are certified to a minimum of IRB (International Rugby Board) Coaching level 1 and no practices or games take place without a certified Athletic Therapist on site. Safety is paramount and we take the wellbeing of our athletes seriously.


In addition to the structured training / practice sessions, the U14s will operate multiple teams this season.  The exact number of teams to be determined when registration numbers are finalized.  The teams in years past the Lancers, Archers and Knights will all participate in the U14 Leagues managed by Rugby Ontario.  The number of U14 Leagues in Rugby Ontario is still to be determined for 2016.  Teams will be sorted into the leagues based on performance in early season friendly’s and tournaments.  This will guarantee that each team in the league will play against a similar level of competition.  Likewise, players at CRU will be sorted onto the appropriate Crusaders teams such that each player is competing at an appropriate level for their experience, age and size.

As a player we expect you to commit to the training and the games – with the goal of working hard to improve yourself as a rugby player and have fun.  As a parent we hope that you’ll enjoy the experience that being part of our club can bring, take pride in observing your son progress as a player of the best game in the world, and take advantage of the facilities that we have available. We encourage parents to watch the practices and support the matches.

We are also on the hunt for volunteers. As coaches we hope to guide the activities on the field.  But we want to arrange activities off the field too – and that’s where you can help.  Whether it is helping to organize social activities such as team BBQs, writing match reports, organizing some fund raising, or bringing mid game nutritious snacks your assistance is vital.  If you can afford some time, please let us know what you can do.


Our field allocation for practices for the 2016 season is as follows

Monday – meet on the South Pitch at 6:0 0pm for warm up and drills; we will finish out our training session on the South Pitch Extension at 8:00 pm

Wednesday – meet on the South Pitch Extension at 6:00 pm for warm up and drills; we will finish our training session on the South Pitch at 8:00 pm

Saturday – meet on the South Pitch at 9 am – 11:00 am (until regular season begins)

Gear Required

Every player will require cleats, long black socks, black rugby shorts, training shirt (and a mouth guard for every practice and game.

Mouth guard is mandatory. Rugby shorts are essential and a rugby jersey is recommended for practices, as other materials may rip. The club often sells older team uniform jerseys for a nominal fee. These are perfect for practices and the players love to wear these ‘senior’ team shirts. We do not want players wearing short socks for practice.  Game jerseys are supplied by the Crusaders.  They will also need a large water bottle!  Before the summer warms up a sweatshirt or training jacket is also recommended. Eye glasses are not allowed in rugby for the safety of the player and other players.

If you are new to the Crusaders Rugby Club I look forward to meeting you.  I trust that over the course of the season you will find that we, the coaches, management and volunteers of the club, do our very best to pass along the core principles of the game of rugby which place camaraderie and sportsmanship for both team mates and opponents as more important than winning.  The game of rugby has been a wonderful part of our lives and we hope that it becomes the same for you and your sons.

Welcome to our family, and we look forward to a great season ahead of us.