U18 Boys

Program Overview

The Crusaders U18 program is open to all players with birth years 1998 and 1999 and has the following goals:

  • To provide high quality coaching and development,
  • To provide all players with an enjoyable, competitive rugby experience,
  • To create a link between the very successful U16 program and Crusaders senior men’s teams,
  • To provide all players and parents with the opportunity to get involved with the club and it’s culture of athletics and social activities
  • To identify U18 players able to supplement CRU senior men’s team rosters for summer and fall games.

Coaches and Team staff



Training nights will be Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30 – 8:00pm. Training will begin after the end of high school rugby season although preseason skills sessions are already in progress.

Games will start at either 6:30 or 7:00pm on a Wednesdays. Games begin at the end of June.

Players interested in playing with senior men’s squads will be able to join senior men’s training on Tuesday and Thursday nights after U18 training.


We will field two teams, each of which will compete in leagues with comparable calibre teams as part of the Toronto Rugby Union. If registration numbers warrant, a third team may be added. Team selections will be made on a week to week basis based on ability, availability and attendance at training sessions.

Association with senior men’s programs

The U18 program will be closely associated and integrated with the Crusaders senior men’s programs. Specifically this will involve the following :

  • Exposure to senior men’s coaches and players, including Provincial and National team coaches and players,
  • Potential opportunities to play and train with senior men’s teams,
  • Mentorship from senior men’s players,
  • Active involvement with senior men’s events and social activities (within reason).

Last year this program feature resulted in a number of U18 players receiving quality playing time with senior man’s teams over the summer and fall.

Player commitment

As a member of the Crusaders U18 program you are expected to:

  • Inform the coaches/team managers of your availability for training and games promptly
  • Make attendance at training sessions a priority, including avoiding work conflicts to the maximum extent possible
  • Respect team selection decisions
  • Arrive promptly on time, ready to play
  • Assist other players in getting rides to and from training and games if required
  • Wear proper CRU kit to games, including black shorts and socks
  • Conduct yourself as a representative of the club at all team events
  • For Ontario rep players, attend all training sessions and games other than direct conflicts


Unlike at younger age groups, all players will be expected to communicate directly with team staff in a prompt and efficient manner. At U18 we expect that players will do this themselves rather than rely on their parents.

Visiting teams and billeting

We expect to play a number of touring sides this summer and will be co-hosting and billeting (along with the U16 team) a touring teams from England and elsewhere.

Dates TBD.

Team selection will be based on merit together with commitment to billeting visiting players.


We are looking for volunteers to help organize the season: Recording training attendance, confirming player availability for games, helping organize billets, etc.