November Autumn Internationals

Crusaders Rugby club are pleased to announce we have secured a legitimate feed for the majority of the games.We will attempt  to get others but this is the only legit package on offer for public broadcast.

We will need to charge admission to cover the costs of securing the package:

$20 per adult per day/$30 per couple (Kids U18 are free)

We offer a package deal of $50 for an adult season pass and $80.00 for a family season pass.
Click here to purchase season pass.



Saturday November 3rd            – England vs South Africa         11 am EST

Saturday November 10th          – England vs New Zealand        10 am EST

                                                   – Wales vs Australia                  12.30pm EST

                                                    – Ireland vs Argentina               2pm EST (to be confirmed)

Saturday November 17th          – England vs Japan                   10am EST

                                                   – Ireland vs New Zealand          2pm EST

Saturday November 24th          – England vs Australia              10am EST

                                                   – Wales vs South Africa 12.30 pm EST  

We are just confirming breakfast and lunches by “Dee’s girls “  again.

Keep your eye on the website for updates.