Senior Women’s report – June 18th

On a hot afternoon at the beautiful Barrie Community Sports Complex, the CRU senior women put out a strong line-up to meet the Barrie Rugby Football Club. CRU scored their first try early on, and kept up the pressure throughout the 80 minutes to come. Danielle Hayes made the team proud with her kicks and conversions all game.

The final score was 66-0 for CRU, with Julia White (#15) as our (wo)man-of-the-match.

The CRU women have been effecting a positive upswing as the league season has progressed, with the Barrie game representing the third win of four games played thus far. CRU next play the Mississauga Blues at the Mississauga Valley Community Center on Friday, June 24th.

*make sure you do a double click-through of the photos below to check them out in HD glory!