U16 Arrows and Pikes vs Aurora, July 14th

Cru U16s Quell the Barbarians

Crusaders took on an (as-yet) unbeaten Aurora-Barbarians squad on Friday evening.  In the ARROWS game – defensive pressure – strong counter-rucking and sublime handling allowed Crusaders to take command of the game and score some well-worked tries.  Multiple phase, unselfish off-loading was key to the Cru-team’s success in getting behind the Barb’s initial defensive-line.  

Aurora started to hit-back in the second half with powerful “up-the-middle” forward thrusts, and clocked some points of their own. But the Arrows finished off with a couple more scores to make it 36-7 at the final whistle. 

The Crusaders PIKES-team  took on the Barbarians  second-team – who were just as “huge” as their first team ! – but undaunted, the Cru players tackled like “demons” – relying on scraps initially – but turning their possession into points when they could. Aurora proved a bit too strong on the day, with some powerful crash-ball,  sucking in too many of or scramble defenders – and allowing a few too many gaps out wide. Final score 14-24 to Aurora, but the Cru-boys should take great pride in a really great performance by the PIKES-team who continue to impress.