U16 Swords at Mississauga Blues, July 8th

Strong U16 team performance results in convincing win against Mississauga Blues

Swords travelled to Mississauga-Blues on Saturday-morning – to take on our local-rivals. Sunny, but breezy conditions made for perfect running-rugby-weather and the Cru team came “ready-to-play”

Crusaders showed some great inter-play right from the first kick- turning-over loose ball, finding space out-wide and touching down – all before the Blues really knew what had hit them.  Mississauga did not lay-down, and came-back strong – putting pressure on the Crusaders midfield, with some very strong running from 1st and 2nd phase play. But with tenacious commitment, and good body-positions, the Swords were able to out-muscle the hosts at several of the rucks, to gain critical turn-over ball, from which they created scoring opportunities with some swift passing and speedy-running from the outside backs. Lots of subs for Crusaders, meant quite a few changes throughout the game, which the team adapted-to extremely-well, with virtually no disruption to playing patterns. The Swords were able to control the game, scoring several well worked tries  Joel Woods was very pleased to secure several points from the kicking-tee, against his old club-mates. The Blues valiantly continued to battle, scoring a couple of tries of their-own, showing that they too could penetrate our defence, with some good inter-play and sharp running lines.  Final score was 60-12 in favour of the SWORDS – A really strong “team” performance from the Cru – Great-job boys.

Graham Bridges, U16 Head Coach